Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Climate Change Back in the News...

Global Warming and climate change are back in the news, but this time with an Open Source twist as noted by Joe Katzman over at Winds of Change. It is yet another challenge to the "hockey stick" graph as a totem of extraordinary global warming. In addition to piling on the failing "hockey stick" graph, John A of Climate Audit has posted a contribution on Debunkers asserting that the authors of RealClimate are deleting dissenting opinions from their comments section. While you're over at Debunkers, you should check out one of my favorite discussion threads on the subject of global warming entitled Hockey Stick or Bathtub.



Blogger John A said...

Actually, I'm not the only person to notice this. Practically everybody who has tried to post on realclimate finds that certain topics will always get deleted and unanswered.

Check out for more posts that didn't make the cut.

1:07 PM  

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