Saturday, March 26, 2005

My One and Only on Terry Schiavo...

I first started paying attention to the Terry Schiavo issue this past Monday and it was immediately evident that as long as Michael Schiavo was her legal husband, the case was closed barring any findings of abuse or other mistreatment. I'm not going to entertain any of the innuendo or outright accusations of Michael's malicious intent or past mistreatment of Terry Schiavo. Unfortunately, I believe some otherwise good people are getting carried away with the employment of any means to an end when a life is on the line.

Since we wouldn't be having this discussion if Michael had divorced Terry Schiavo (like when he started having children with another woman for example), my only question to him would be why he hasn't divorced her? That would clear the way for her parents to legally take custody of her with little or no problem. Some may say that he loves her so much he wants to see her wishes (to be allowed to die) honored in the this situation. However, even that is controversial because wishing to be allowed to die and wishing to be allowed to starve to death are two entirely different wishes.

I agree with the legal outcome of the Terry Schiavo situation, but I believe it is an unjust outcome that deserves legislative correction to avoid future injustices. It also has me wondering whether the Institution of Marriage, though defended in this case, has in fact been weakened in this nation.

  1. Should a husband be able to express his wife's dying wishes when she is unable to do so herself?

  2. Should a husband maintain full legal standing with his wife when he is living with another woman and raising another family?

The answer to the first question seems pretty straight-forward, but I don't believe the answer to the second question is as self-evident as it may first appear. I also don't believe the political ramifications and fallout from this episode can be readily calculated. Some are attributing President Bush's precipitous drop in a recent favorability poll to be a positive sign for Democrats, but I would be more concerned about the motivational impact this will have on even larger numbers of traditional conservative Christian voters, if I were a Democrat. It's certainly something to think about.


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