Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Brief Update...

I'm working on a North Korea piece to correct a few... how shall I say it... misperceptions that the New York Times' Nicholas Kristof has about the current situation between the US and the DPRK. I'll probably have it ready for tomorrow, but until then, here is some interesting reading.

Thomas Friedman writes in the New York Times that John Bolton is not the right pick for Ambassador to the United Nations. He believes the right man for the job would be... are your ready for this... brace yourselves... former President George Herbert Walker Bush. Ok, I like George H. W. Bush as a person, but I have to disagree with Mr. Friedman. Aside from being much too old, Bush 41 was one of the worst President's this nation has had, right down there near the bottom with Jimmy Carter. Friedman has more to say about Bolton and the United Nations. What can I say? There seems to be no shortage of misperceptions at the New York Times.

Walter Olson has posted my Brother's Keeper commentary over at his PointofLaw blog. Since I am a High School dropout and he is a lawyer, there may be a more serious discussion of the legal impacts of this case.

Finally, if you use the Firefox web-browser and have not already done so, download and install version 1.0.3 to patch a serious java-script vulnerability. Internet Explorer users are not susceptible but you should keep your browsers up-to-date using Microsoft's Windows Update feature.


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