Friday, April 29, 2005

Do You Smell That Smell?

Dale Franks discusses an editorial by Mort Kondrake of Roll Call about the Democrats and their current problem with Christianity. He makes a point that I was going to make in a future post.

Increasingly, one of the most reliable predictors of voting behavior is church attendance. Voters who attend church regularly and frequently are overwhelmingly more likely to vote Republican than they are Democrat. Now, perhaps this is because religious voters tend to be slack-jawed morons whose love of God is rivaled only by their desire to marry their first cousins. Or, perhaps it is because, after hearing themselves portrayed as a fascist, intolerant, “American Taliban” by various Democratic Party spokesmen, they sense a certain amount of hostility from Democrats.

Thank You! Personally, I've never been all that excited about the Republican Party, and until the 2004 election; I had never voted for a Republican presidential candidate. However, the national Democrat Party offers a very poor alternative. I don't so much care about legalized abortion and whether or not homosexuals can marry. I won't be having an abortion or marrying a man anytime soon. However, why do I feel like I'm under assault as a Christian? I think Democrats, and Libertarians, think Christians are the one group of people in American who can be discrimminated against without consequence.

You can read it all over at The QandO Blog. By the way, I include Libertarians because that's how radio talk show hosts Mark Ziegler and Jerry Doyle describe themselves politically. However, I will say that The QandO Blog is an interesting Libertarian blog. It's nice to see this piece there. It would be reassuring to see something like this piece on a Democrat or, God forbid, a "progressive" site.


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