Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Parental Notification for Abortions...

It looks like I'll get a chance to vote on the Parents Right to Know and Child Protection Initiative in the upcoming special California election later this year. Some of the press accounts of the signature gathering seem to imply some sort of furtive or secret effort to get this on the ballot.

Amid the escalating hostilities over Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's political agenda, a little-noticed but highly emotional measure has been quietly gathering momentum and will probably be the first to qualify for the next statewide ballot. - San Diego Union Tribune

Of course, this begs the question on how one quietly acquires one million signatures. Since only 598,105 valid signatures are necessary, I think this measure will certainly make the ballot. The initiative would require an abortion provider to notify a parent or guardian 48 hours before performing an abortion on an unmarried minor, unless there is a medical emergency. A judge can waive the requirement in the event of abusive parents.

I think it's unconscionable that notification isn't required already. It seems that such a barrier of silence, especially between an authority figure like a doctor and a frightened minor, is a recipe for malpractice and general malfeasance. The thought of my daughter being provided such a physically and emotionally invasive surgical procedure without needing parental notification is more than alarming. I haven't yet seen the text of the legislation, but I'll be voting to approve it unless it contains some highly controversial language.


Blogger Mike said...

So if your 16 yr old daughter breaks her arm and goes to the emergency room they can't do anything without parental consent. But if your 16 yr old daughter wants to get an abortion, she doesn't have to tell her parents. Yeah that's not eff'd up.

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