Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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My conflict over whether of not I would support a recall of San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy is now moot. The Mayor has just announced that he will resign effective July 15. This obligates the City Council to appoint a replacement within 30 days or call a special election within 90 days. They will need to accomplish this in the midst of the ongoing Securities Exchange Commission investigation into the fraudulent pension scheme. In the meantime, Deputy Mayor Michael Zucchet will serve as acting mayor until the vacancy is filled. Unfortunately, he will be running the city from a court room as he goes on trial May 3 on federal corruption charges.

By the way, Brit Hume on Fox News Channel's Special Report repeated Time Magazine's reference to Councilmember Donna Frye as "surf shop owner Donna Frye".


I think the press reports on John Bolton's demise in the Senate may be a little premature. I think the widespread consensus on his future is the working of national journalists' echo chamber. Unfortunately, those echos are bouncing off the walls at Greg Djerejian's Belgravia Dispatch. I chimed in on his comments to address his mention of the Democracy Arsenal's labeling of Bolton as a "Category Four" abuser; a theory that was refuted in the first day of the Senate hearings. I still have not heard or seen any evidence or even a significant argument worthy of denying the President his nominee.

On a rich side note, I learned that Democrats have defeated a high-profile Bush nomination in the past. Senate Democrats rejected President George H. W. Bush' selection of Senator John Tower for Secretary of Defense in 1989, which is how Dick Cheney made his way to into the political machinations of presidential administrations.

Here's something to reflect on for a moment. John Tower died in a plane crash two years later in 1991. Would he still be alive had he been confirmed?


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