Friday, April 29, 2005

Wine of the Week...

I'm starting a new regular post called Wine of the Week where I will choose the whiniest person or group from this week. Since I also enjoy a bottle of wine from time to time, I will celebrate the occassion by raising a glass to the whiners and pronouncing my critique of the winery's product. Of course, being indigent, we're strictly talking cheap wines usually under six bucks.

The runner-up this week are all the highly paid baby-boomers (aka Generation Gimme-my-Pension) complaining that personal accounts or even means testing will threaten the confidence in Social Security and make it seem like Welfare. These guys are just getting going, so they'll be the ones to beat next week.

This week's Wine of the Week goes to all the prima donnas that are the American employees of the US mission to the United Nations.

After his nomination in early March, John Bolton, in an unusual step, requested that all American employees of the US mission to the UN must submit their resumes for review, government sources were quoted as saying. The move cast a chill over the operation, where some saw it as "presumptuous". It may also have been premature, Time magazine reports in its upcoming issue.

Get that? Being asked for your resume cast a chill over our entire mission to the United Nations! Well, I think our dear gentle sons at the UN better get used to operating in an environment where people might sometimes ask for qualifications and juustification.

In recognition of the considerable whining, I'll be drinking a botte of Twin Fin Wines' (California) 2002 Cabernet Savignon with twist-off cap. I paid $6 for this wine at my local grocery store. With that, I'll be dining on a Picante Shrimp flavored Cup-O-Noodles Souper Meal.

I'm pleasantly surprised with the wine. Make no mistake about it, this wine could never be great, no matter how long it sat around in a cellar. However, it has a nice fruitful body and it goes down with pretty smooth. It blended well with the spice (cayenne pepper) of the soup, but it had a bit of a sour, unripe after taste that distracted the pallet.


Blogger Mike said...

How dare they review the employees to see if they are capable of doing their job? Next thing you know they will be demanding that they actually agree with and carry out the agenda of the Bush Administration!

8:32 AM  
Blogger teseca said...

Anyone here ever heard of civil service? It was invented a couple of centuries ago to keep politicians from replacing every government employee and replacing them with hacks from their political party.

We had it once, but not in the age of Bush and DeLay...

8:40 PM  
Blogger The Indigent Blogger said...

I remember civil service, when it still meant service. Apparently, civil service now means a lifetime job at the State Department. Besides, we are talking about the US mission to the UN here. Whereas a nationa like France sees the UN as a cornerstone of its power and influence in the world, the US sees the mission to the UN as a dumping ground for the State Department lifers it wants to dump out of the Administration.

Washington has reportedly decided to remove one of its harshest critics of Pyongyang's totalitarian regime, Undersecretary of State John Bolton, from the next administration. - CBS News

7:52 AM  

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