Thursday, May 12, 2005

Anti-Liberty Activists Sacrifice Another Tool

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that Pablo Paredes is facing time in a military brig for failing to board his naval ship bound for Iraq. The military hearing was packed with the activists that used him for months, including Tim Goodrich, founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

"We have all been to Iraq, and we support anyone who stands in nonviolent opposition," said Tim Goodrich, who said the group he co-founded has about 150 members across the country.

Lt. Smash of The Indepundit has much better local coverage of the entire debacle, including this interesting snippet.

Tim Goodrich, one of the founders of Iraq Veterans Against the War (although he never actually served in Iraq), was introduced to the audience. He was still in the same ratty DCU blouse that I dressed him down for wearing back in December.

Each of the shirkers spoke in turn. The following is my impressions of the threesome... (read it all)

Smash also reports on an activist meeting, which he attended, prior to the military hearing.

UPDATE 2:20 PM - Lt. Smash has more on Pablo Paredes. He has been demoted and sentenced to three months hard labor. Smash is not impressed.


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