Saturday, May 14, 2005

Been There, Done That or Not

Ann Althouse lists ten things she has never done (hat tip: Begging to Differ). Instead of coming up with ten things of my own from scratch, I'll start with her list. By crossing off the things I've done from her list and adding things I've not done to the remaining items, I'll have my ten things I've not done.

1. Gone camping.

2. Eaten egg salad, devilled eggs, or cold hard-boiled eggs.

3. Gone skiing.

4. Set foot on any continent other than North America and Europe.

5. Shoplifted.

6. Watched a pornographic movie -- other than in federal court, as part of a forfeiture proceeding.

7. Called anyone "sir" or "ma'am."

8. Used a computer that wasn't a Macintosh (unless you count things like dedicated LEXIS consoles and ATM machines as computers).

9. Seen the movie "Apocalypse, Now." (It was always "Apocalypse," later, for me, and now maybe it's "Apocalypse," never. )

10. Used cocaine or heroin.

Geez! She's never been camping or skiing or eaten hard-boiled eggs cold? Now I have to come up with nine more items! I could've just started from scratch! Ok, here is the list of things that I have never done:

1. Stepped foot on any continent other than North America

2. Owned a new car

3. Made a mortgage payment

4. Had sex in a car

5. Gone jogging (where I wasn't forced as part of a P.E. class)

6. Achieved a High School Diploma or GED

7. Been to a professional basketball game

8. Read the Chronicles of Narnia

9. Visited the Grand Canyon (I've seen it from an airplane)

10. Had a professional massage

Well, there's the list. Another interesting (or not so) point is that until November 2004, I had never voted for a presidential candidate that ended up winning.


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