Friday, May 27, 2005

Bolton Sticks in Senate Craw

It is now time to accept or reject President Bush' nomination of John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations, and once again we find our U.S. Senate abusing its power in an unprecedented request for classified documents and draft notes from the State Department. This Senate has shown no hesitancy in using privileged FBI background checks in its politics of personal destruction and smear tactics, and it appears their dirt-digging will now include highly classified NSA documents and draft copies of speeches, according to Senators Biden and Doden.

Greg Djerejian of the Belgravia Dispatch offers a good explanation of the meritless and unprecedented request.

Got that, folks? Bolton foe Rockefeller himself says that there is no evidence Bolton did anything "improper" with regard to his request for the NSA intercepts. Ah, but Rockefeller is "troubled" by how Bolton handled the information after he got it. Why? It seems bully John had the temerity to actually call an official and congratulate him for the way he handled discussions with a couple "foreigners"--as per the information contained in the NSA intercept. Compris? Bolton wasn't using the information from some rogue intercept to go ruin yet another career in dark Nixonian vein. He simply used it to praise someone. Outrageous!

Yes, it seems using classified information in an attempt to ruin careers in dark Nixonian style is no longer limited to the party of Nixon.

As I went to refill my coffee, I just noticed the house trash-bin was over-turned in front of the driveway. So, I rushed out to see if I could catch Senator Barabara Boxer peeling away with my garbage but no such luck.


Blogger Mike said...

I wish the democrats were as concerned about Wachovia selling hundreds of thousands of names and bank account numbers as they are about Bolton wanting to see these intercepts.

5:59 PM  

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