Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dan Rather Deserves Another Award...

The Associated Press is reporting that CBS' Wednesday edition of 60 Minutes will be canceled (hat-tip: Huffington Post). CBS insists that this is not a result of Dan Rather's ill-conceived use of forged documents in a story about President Bush's service in the National Guard.

CBS said Wednesday it is cancelling the Wednesday edition of "60 Minutes," insisting the decision was made because of poor ratings and not last fall's ill-fated story about President Bush's military service.

It's telling that they don't seem to relate the show's poor ratings to Dan Rather's ill-fated story and CBS' lack of response to it.

Dan Rather fans need not fret over this news, he is far from done. He accepted journalism's most prestigious honor on Monday with a nod to his former co-workers who took the fall for him in the aftermath of the forged document story.

With thanks to two former colleagues who left CBS in the wake of a scandal, CBS News' Dan Rather accepted broadcast journalism's most prestigious honor on Monday for the "60 Minutes Wednesday" story that exposed the shocking conditions inside Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

In one of his first public appearances since leaving the network's anchor chair in March, Rather and Mary Mapes received the Peabody Award at a luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria in Midtown Manhattan. - Reuters 16 MAY 2005

CBS also tells us that Dan Rather will continue to employ his award-winning journalistic practices in the Sunday edition of 60 Minutes.


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