Friday, May 13, 2005

Galloway the Fink

Scott from The Truth By Scott ponders the meaning of words in his latest entry. Personally, when it comes to people like British Member of Parliament George Galloway, I like the word "fink". Merriam-Webster defines fink as one who is disapproved of or is held in contempt in its noun function. Traitor really doesn't fit for Galloway, and seditious bastard bestows too much status. Yes, I think fink is a fitting word for another insignificant, duplicitous diplomat literally caught taking food out of the mouths of children.

The BBC reveals claims in a U.S. Senate Report that he received oil-for-food graft in the form of vouchers for cheap oil, which would then be sold to oil resellers at a significant profit. Galloway is the latest perp on the pile of bureaucrats, all of them openly opposed to toppling their Ba'athist benefactor in Iraq (not surprisingly), joining the likes of French Senator Charles Pasqua and Canadian Maurice Strong. Ron at Friends of Saddam provides good coverage of the gritty details regarding George Galloway and the Oil-For-Food scandal in general.

Alan K of AK Land warns against getting too far ahead of ourselves with regards to Galloway. Apparently, he has been accused using false documents by the Daily Telegraph on this very subject. Supposedly, the documents in which the claims of the Senate Report are based have no relation to those discussed in the Telegraph hit piece.

As far as I'm concerned, the investigation and prosecution of the Oil-For-Food scandal should be treated as one of the highest priorities for our government. In my mind, is a logical extension of the 9-11 investigation.


Blogger Mike said...

Sadly, we have no power to convict people from other nations, and the U.N. isn't going to implicate anyone in this. So these people are going to walk away with millions to go with their tarnished reputation. Some would see this as a fair trade.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Mike but the millions that Galloway is said to have don’t exist, It’s a pack of lies, he proved it the documents they were relying on were forged I wonder if the good senators were hoping that he wouldn’t show, funny that this hearing was at the same time as the opening of parliament. Anyway it’s about time someone started telling people what sort of war our murderous little adventure in Iraq is and what sort of lowlifes support it. I don't think people here will like it but it needed to be said. This has blown up in there faces in a big way and they are in damage limitation mode.

2:42 PM  

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