Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New Blog on Capitalism...

Capitalism is the most democratic economic system in the world today, in my opinion. I ran into someone in the Roger Hedgecock online chat room (only open during show hours) today that has what looks like a promising blog on economic matters. Josh Mathes' Capitalism's Truths looks promising as it probes the philosophical, theoretical, and hard numbers aspects of Capitalism in the United States. Here's one snippet of his work that I find interesting:

I would bet dollars to doughnuts, that the blogosphere alone can better educate you (about Capitalism's Truths) than our friendly college professors at today's universities. (With the exception of the People's Economist, Water E. Williams at George Mason University).

Now, I'm not as willing to sell our poor University professors short, but I can testify to the educational power of the Internet. Anyway, Josh had popped into Roger's chat room to let us know that his blog had made it to Mr. Williams' Recommended Links page. Congratulations on that! And speaking of Walter Williams, He has some topic suggestions for Farrakhan's upcoming Million Man March over at the Huffington Post.


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