Monday, May 09, 2005

No Speed Bumps...

Dan Morgan has a blog called No Speed Bumps. He looks like quite the policy wonk and actually makes very detailed proposals in addition to commentary. I encourage everyone interested in domestic policies to check him out.

I once downloaded a couple of spreadsheets from the IRS web-site and figured out a flat tax rate that would give everyone a tax break with a minimal reduction of government revenues. It was a tremendous learning exercise and really opened my eyes to who pays the income taxes in this country. Dan does so much more than that with charts and forms to accompany his analysis.

I believe sites like No Speed Bumps are somewhat different than the typical 'blog'. It is to 'think tanks' what blogs are to mainstream media. Where think tanks typically devise policies in support of a political party platform or specific agenda, 'policy blogs' just take the data available and create a new policy configuration with no particular axe to grind or group to give favorable treatment.

Honestly, that's what I thought Democracy Arsenal was going to be in the foreign policy arena, but it is looking more like a shill for the reactionary dead-enders of the national Democrat party. I specify national Democrat party because I have many friends and neighbors who still include liberation and liberty in the liberal agenda.


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