Sunday, May 29, 2005

Posada Carriles Saga Continues

I last reported that we would know Mr. Carriles within 48 hours, but those words were written out of ignorance about the immigration process. Posada Carriles' fate will be determined at a hearing on June 13 where he is expected to apply for asylum.

Cuba and Venezuela have scored a propaganda victory by submitting a provisional arrest request which was denied by the State Department. This is not a formal request for extradition and no nation has officially requested that Mr. Carriles be extradited. However, the Washington Post reports there were problems with even the provisional arrest request.

Venezuela has made such requests before, a State Department official said. But the Posada arrest request was so inadequate, the official said, that some U.S. diplomats believe Venezuela purposely drafted it so the United States would reject it.

The Washington Post goes on to report that a diplomatic note delivered to the embassy Friday that it would not rule out granting a formal extradition request.

It is still my contention that Posada Carriles will be extradited to Venezuela assuming a formal request is made. Although he was twice acquitted by Venezuelan courts of plotting the 1976 airline bombing, he did escape from a Venezuelan prison in 1985. It does make one wonder about the Venezuelan judicial system if someone twice acquitted of a crime could be in prison waiting for an appeal?


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