Monday, May 16, 2005

Russians Join Oil-For-Food Perps...

Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky has denied he received a single cent from Iraq, according to the BBC. Once again, I direct you to Ron at Friends of Saddam for details.

While reading the BBC, I did notice an interesting sentence at the end of an article regarding the Oil-For-Food Program.

Questions over the way the programme was conducted emerged in early 2004, after an Iraqi newspaper published a list of about 270 people including UN officials, politicians and companies it alleged may have profited from the illicit sale of Iraqi oil.

Ladies and gentlemen, questions may have emerged as late as 2004 amongst our hard-hitting investigative corporate journalists, but you can rest assured The Indigent Blogger has been on the case for years. I present to you a message posted by yours truly in September 2002 on a progressive-leaning political forum (POTP) based in the UK.

I also oppose the United Nations' continued indifference, impotence, and outright corruption in the oil-for-food and weapons inspections programme. According [to] the UN OIP, some [of] the funding is on 'hold' because of shortfalls in the escrow account. Instead of the smoke and mirrors of misdirected angst towards the US and UK, I would like to know how in hell the UN managed oil-for-food escrow accounts continue to have billion dollar shortfalls, especially since they have earned more than $1 billion in interest since 1996? - 09 SEP 2002

Now, in compliance with good journalistic practices, I must hereby post a correction to that statement. It turns out that I was WAY off! The interest that was earned by the UNOIP escrow account, but otherwise up and vanished, was closer to $3.1 billion with another $2.2 billion of income from currency exchanges, according to a briefing (PDF) from the Independent Inquiry Committee.


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