Wednesday, May 11, 2005

San Diego's "Hands-On" City Council

If you thought the Mayor of San Diego was one of the worst in the nation, wait 'til you meet the City Council. Dale Franks provides a decent introduction to City Council members Ralph Inzunza and Michael Zucchet at QandO Blog.

The surviving council members feel they are being unfairly pilloried, of course. They simply had no idea that campaign funds were being illegally funneled to them. And their only interest was in making San Diego an even better place to live.

You see, Mr. Inzunza thought San Diego would be an even better city, if only people could fondle strippers. He wasn't hanging around with strip club owners—and their employees—out of an attempt at personal gain. It was to make the city a better place. It was for the children.

Meanwhile, for Mr. Zucchet, stripper-petting was just a means to an end... (read it all)

A means to an end, indeed! Although, the ends Zucchet was meaning to achieve were somewhat different on the FBI tape recordings than what was presented by his lawyer in the courtroom.

"Defendant Zucchet and Malone then discuss how in-room entertainers work, and defendant Zucchet relates his experience on how the entertainers make promises, negotiate the tips and services upfront for full service, and then they fail to deliver," the government response said. With the term "full service," Zucchet appears to be using slang that translates to sexual favors.

"Defendant Inzunza agrees and states that you are better off going to a club. Defendant Zucchet then says: 'You choose who you want, and if you want to get off (sexually), you can do that too. And the solution is to try to take it out of there,' " the response said, presumably meaning getting the dancer to leave the club with the customer.

Zucchet then blurts out that "if anyone is taping or recording the conversation, he does not consent," and the others agreed.

Unfortunately for our beloved council members, the FBI doesn't need their consent.


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