Friday, May 13, 2005

Wine of the Week - May 13

This week I'll be sampling something current, the new stuff! No more last year's model for this Indigent Wino. On the plate (or in the bowl) is Stagg's Laredo green chili with beans in the new SmartPak at a cost of $1. Now, I realize that no real chili contains beans, but such is my selection this week. In the glass is a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon from Golden Gate Vintners (aka Golden State Vineyards), which I picked up at Albertson's for $2.50 a bottle. The aroma has a sour tint to it, and the wine has a bit of bite going down. Overall, with "Great" being the best, I'm willing to give this wine a rating of "Fair". Assuming the pan-handling goes well next week, I would select another wine I haven't tried from the same price range instead of buying this one again. Having said that, this wine beats two-buck chuck every time, hands down.

"It's Not Fair!"

The most remarkable whine of this week comes from my very own Senator Barbara Boxer. Although the Senate Foreign Relations Commission has voted to send John Bolton to the entire Senate for an up-or-down vote on his nomination, Senator Boxer has placed a "hold", otherwise known as a notice of objection on Mr. Bolton's nomination.

The nomination was voted out of the Foreign Relations Committee 10-8 on Thursday without an endorsement, and Democrats vowed to take their fight to the Senate floor.

Boxer told The Associated Press on Friday she would use procedural delays until Democrats receive the requested information.

"It is not fair to bring this nomination to the floor for debate and a vote until all the information has been delivered," she said.

Boxer said the Democrats want to know if Bolton sought the names of U.S. officials whose communications were intercepted by U.S. intelligence, details on the private business activities of a Bolton assistant, Matthew Friedman, and the circumstances of a tough Bolton speech on Syria. - Washington Post

Excuse me, but this is a monumental dig for dirt. Does Senator Boxer expect me to believe that Bolton has, allegedly committed these horrible acts a few years ago, but has been confirmed and permitted to serve in upper levels of the State Department for all these years.

This is pathetic. A California Senator stooping to digging through the office trash bins, looking for juicy gossip to sink an otherwise qualified professional nominated to one of the most meaningless jobs on the planet. Give the guy a break! Vote already!


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