Friday, May 27, 2005

Wine of the Week - May 27

This week we'll be revisiting a wine from previous weeks. The Indigent Girlfriend was dispatched with instructions to purchase a bottle of wine for under $6 and came home with the Californian Cabernet Sauvignon from Golden Gate Vintners (aka Golden State Vineyards), which can still be picked up from Albertson's for $2.50 a bottle. The biggest difference is the meal served with the wine. This week I had rib-eye steak and mild Italian Sausage grilled to perfection by yours truly. The meat and a small salad were an excellent compliment to this wine at a cost of approximately seven dollars. Perhaps this is a better lot for Golden Gate or perhaps the Indigent Pallete was less discriminating this evening, but I'm going to upgrade this wine's rating from "Fair" to "Good" based on this week's surprisingly smooth flavor.

In contrast to the vast improvement in the substance of the meal consumed with the wine of the week, the Whine of the Week is a significant decline in substance from the previous performance. Senator Voinovich wins this week hand down with his moaning and sobbing (mp3) over the John Bolton nomination on the senate floor (hat tip: Radioblogger). What can I say? You have to listen to the audio of Senator Voinovich's speech to appreciate the sobbing plea for his collegues to vote against the Bolton nomination for this sake of his children and grand children.

Yes, I said "sobbing" and I would classify it as being on the verge of crying. Let's check Page 1 Rule 4 of the Indigent Guide to Manhood; it says "No Crying at Work". There are, of course, the appropriate clauses for actors and male prostitutes. However, we need not use that as the sole reference. We can also use the Universal Guide to Being a Woman. A quick review of Article IX of Chapter 26, Section 13, sub-section 205.9, sub-part J clearly states, "Crying in the course of executing job duties is inappropriate". Of course, the relevant clauses for avoiding traffic tickets in rental cars apply.

Needless to say, Senator Voinovich's concern for his children and grand-children notwithstanding, a substantive argument against the Bolton nomination would go a long way compared to these Senate floor theatrics.


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Good pick, on both w(h)ines.

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