Friday, June 10, 2005

Made It to Second Interview...

I guess the interview went well as I have been called back in for a second interview this afternoon. I was given the name of the person I'll be meeting with today and know he is the person in charge of the IT budget. The company was having a board meeting while I was there yesterday in a conference room with glass walls, much like a fish-bowl. Anyway, while I was filling out my job application, I was able to see the company organizational chart on the overhead projection screen. I didn't see names of anyone I knew personally, but I did make a mental note of the name of the person in charge of the IT budget.

This could be a routine second interview, just to let the man signing the checks feel comfortable his employees aren't bringing in an axe-murderer, or it could be a meeting to address a problem that was briefly addressed yesterday. This job starts at a salary just over half of what I made at my last contract position. The truth is that this job is probably more suited for a younger, less experienced programmer. I don't believe they adhere to any n-tier or even object-oriented design principles, but I am far from a purist in those areas myself. Anyway, I understand their concern about hiring someone only to have them take a higher paying job a few weeks later.

Face it, if I get the job and someone offers me double my pay a few weeks from now; that will be hard to resist. However, this company offers excellent health and dental benefits, and I have been private-pay on both since 2002. They also offer an education benefit that would go a long way to paying for my Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) training and Project Management Institute certification. I figure it'll take two years to get those completed and paid for at which time, all deals will have to be renegotiated (*wink*).

The fact is that I am not with my friends and former co-workers at the big defense contractor in town is for two, possibly three reasons; 1) I have no college degree and equivalent experience is not accepted, 2) I don't even have my high school diploma or GED but always lie that I do on my job applications, and 3) I doubt I could obtain any kind of security clearance. Now it's true that MCSD and PMI certifications are not going to make those problems go away, and I still wouldn't be hired at the big defense contractor, but those certifications would open a great many other doors locally.

I'll keep you all posted on how the interview goes this afternoon. I do plan on posting a Wine of the Week tonight.


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