Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Presidential Speech quick take

I just got off of work so I only caught about the last five minutes of the speech. Afterwards, Brit Hume on Fox News asked Senator John Warner if President Bush is being inconsistent in saying the US is there to defeat the terrorists, but we're leaving the second Iraqis can defend themselves. Sen. Warner did not see the obvious answer to Brit Hume's question, which is if Iraqis are defending themselves, we did win. Would not the United States' exit and a competent Iraqi army defending free citizens and a democratic government be a huge victory for the United States and its allies?


Blogger Mike said...

I thought it was a good speech. It did the job. He reminded us why the war is important, why we can't just leave now, why we can't set a timetable. He reminded us of the savagery of our enemy. He told us we are making progress and we are winning. I think he bought himself a month or two of relative calm from his political opponents and the media.

5:18 AM  
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