Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Speech Denied

Following up on my previous post of America's amnesia on natural rights, Iran's government goes a long way in proving my point:

TEHRAN (AFP) - The use of text messaging by Iranians to send often highly
acerbic comments on their presidential election choice has worried the
authorities, who are threatening to prosecute mobile-addicts who insult the

The use of election text messaging had already become something of a craze
in Tehran ahead of the first round of the vote, where young phone users sent
messages languidly reflecting their cynicism with the whole process.


Iran's ultra-conservative judiciary has now threatened to prosecute people who
send text messages with the aim of "denigrating" candidates.

"Unfortunately, the messages are circulating to tarnish the candidates in
the presidential election, which is illegal and constitutes an attempt to
disrupt public order," it said.

State television on Tuesday was regularly broadcasting a statement telling
viewers that to send messages promoting the cause of a certain candidate was an

It is a self-evident truth that Iranians and anyone else who joins them in the human specie have an inalienable right to communicate with one another. The arbitrary way in which Iran's government would deny them that fundamental natural right under the guise of "public order" should again reinforce America's efforts to promote the religion neutral concept of natural rights.


Blogger AlanK said...

Also they will have to try and work out what comment is "denigrating" candidates.

One problem with trying to suppress free speech is that it creates cynicism and that you lose touch with reality

12:00 PM  

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