Saturday, October 22, 2005

News About Nothing

You've never read anything on this blog about the Valerie Plame affair, until now. The reason for that is simple. I think it is the biggest bucket of nothing I've ever witnessed. Even if it leads to an indictment of Karl Rove or Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, it still doesn't deserve the reaction it is getting.

First of all, it is assumed that special prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald will issue indictments because he is not releasing a report. It has long been a wish of the President's political opponents that Fitzgerald would release what they hoped would be an embarrassing final report. However, while Fitzgerald must submit a final report to the US Attorney General, I've heard that the special prosecutor is not permitted to write a final report for public release. This is not an independent counsel (e.g. Kenneth Starr) as the law that created the Office of the Independent Counsel was allowed to expire in 1999. It had expired once before, in 1992, but a new OIC law was established in 1994 under an entirely Democrat government, which also selected Kenneth Starr to serve in that role. Indeed, it was explained to me that the special prosecutor operates much like any other prosecutor. He may investigate crimes and choose to issue indictments or not, but he may not release a public report. Take that with a grain of salt for now as I have not read any statutes defining the scope and constraints of a special prosecutor.

Second, there seems to be a great deal of wishful thinking from Democrats and their supporters. For example, take David Wallechinsky latest submission at the Huffington Post:

...and if it is also true that Fitzgerald has expanded his investigation to include issues beyond the Valerie Plame leak, we may witness the gradual unraveling of the Bush presidency.

Yeah, and if I had been born yesterday, I might be able to believe something like that. If Libby and Rove go down, they will be replaced. Maybe some other folks in the Administration will go down. I haven't followed the story (because it is boring), so I don't necessarily how wide a net could be cast. Having said that, I haven't seen anything, beyond wishful thinking, that could include charges against anyone of substance. Does anyone recall all those years of fishing in Whitewater? Starr was a machine scoring 14 or 16 adjudicated indictments with none overturned, yet the big fish still got away. I think the Democrats are placing too many wishes and hopes on an insvetigation about nothing.

Finally, this all started because of what some call a smearing of Joe Wilson. Keep one thing in mind through all of this, Joe Wilson is a liar. He lied, got caught in his lie, and was thrown overboard by the Democrat Party. The entire fiasco... I'm sorry, did you have a question? Was Joe Wilson, in fact, jettisoned from the grace and favor of Democrat inner circles?

Does anyone remember this web-page? It used to reside at URL but was scrubbed from the former candidate's site on July 24, 2004 when the entire "16 Words" ordeal imploded. That was the same day John Kerry had his web administrator scrubbing all mention of Sandy Berger from his site, so I guess he figured to scrape two liars from his boots at the same time.

Probably the worst thing to come out of this circle-jerk are the newly proposed shield laws for so-called journalists. I have stated it before, and I will say it again here. I don't know much about Judith Miller, but Dan Rather, Brian Williams, and their ilk are not journalists. They are agents of for-profit media corporations who should be MORE regulated than the average individual with a personal printing press (a.k.a. a blog). If you're interested in the whole Plame affair, Tom McGuire at JustOneMinute probably has the best coverage that I've seen. I recommend you start there for all the CIA-Leak news.


Blogger Mike said...

What's scary about this situation is the prosecuter is using the Martha Stewart technique. He can't find Rove guilty of the crime of leaking the identity of the CIA agent, so he will pursue purjury charges instead.

This is a disturbing trend that I am sad to say started with Ken Starr and Bill Clinton. The pattern goes, question the person about something they may or may not be guilty of, when the person says they don't recall a conversation, find the other person in the conversation and get them to testify they told the person being questioned, then punish the person for not disclosing all of the facts. It is not a fair way to convict people. Can you remember every detail of every conversation you had three years ago? I'm interested to see if they try to nail Rove on it.

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