Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Keep Alive 08NOV2005

I've been pretty busy lately, but I want to try and post something instead of letting the blog go dormant again. While things are slow here, Check out the excellent posts at Every Opinion and the Deep Freeze. Speaking of the Deep Freeze, Mike is the newest vagabond, here at Vagabondia. Expect to see some thought-provoking posts from him in the future. Also, in response to the two questions in this post at the Deep Freeze, the first answer is No. Madonna stopped being sexy to me when I graduated junior high. And the last answer; I would call the paramedics to get the woman the medical attention she obviously needs.

My thought for the day is concerning an item I read about NBC and CBS. No, I actually have something nice to say about them. Of course, it doesn't involve their so-called news departments, not directly anyway.

CBS and NBC have announced deals to offer replays of prime-time programs for 99 cents per episode, shifting television toward a sales model that gained popularity with downloaded music. - AP

In the years before the Indigent Girlfriend came to San Diego in 1999, I would disable the television part of my cable service, only keeping the broadband Internet service. During football season, I would only buy the television service blocks necessary to watch NFL football games. This would include FOX, CBS, ABC, and the fly in the ointment, ESPN. Getting the Sunday night games on ESPN required me to buy the extended cable service, in addition to the basic cable service. Well, what I actually wanted to do is pay for the programming I actually watched instead of paying $80 per month for 40 channels of info-mercials, 20 channels of shopping networks, and another 20 channels of actual programming that was at all interesting to me.

Now, this announcement is progress, but it doesn't quite get us where I want to be. I like the idea of being able to view streaming content and download previous shows over the Internet or a digital television service, but I don't like the requirement of being a full subcriber to a satellite television service. In other words, some of those one and two dollar downloads will be in addition to the outrageous subscription services I'm already paying.


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