Sunday, April 30, 2006

Communists Revive May Day in U.S.

The Communist May Day celebration will be returning to the United States tomorrow. The Socialist Workers Party and other Communist organizations are appropriately congratulating themselves on this momentus achievement.

Socialist Workers Party:For the first time in six decades, International Workers Day will be celebrated on U.S. soil with mass working-class demonstrations on May 1. May Day, celebrated the world over, commemorates the seismic upheaval inside the U.S. that launched the struggle for the eight-hour workday in 1886, a time when native-born workers had few rights and immigrants had still fewer, yet both united in a class-wide battle.

This picture (hattip: BBC) is a display of Soviet strength in a May Day parade from 1951, but we've all seen pictures from subsequent May Day parades with the endless rows of tanks and mobile missile launchers. May Day parades ended in the United States when organized labor recognized the threat communism posed to liberty and the middle class during the 1940s. Consequently, the U.S. labor movement expunged communists from its ranks and enjoyed several decades of growth and progress for the American worker. Unfortunately, it appears the socialists and stalinists have re-infiltrated the U.S. labor movement, which would explain the precipitous deteriation of the U.S. labor movement over the last 20 years.


Blogger Publia said...

Great post, but i think the real decline of the labor movement is due to the fact it largely succeded--sometimes putting workers out of business in the process due to overpricing. All these low paid immigrants represent great opportunity for unions--but this time it looks like they will all be associated with the ultra-left anti-Americans.

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