Sunday, April 02, 2006

Democrats Resurrect Kerry Campaign from the Dead

The Democrats have come together to release a less than inspiring national security strategy. I've read through it and I must tell you that it sounds suspiciously like John Kerry's presidential campaign platform from 2004. In fact, it is so much like Kerry's campaign platform that it says more about their perception of the reasons for their 2004 defeat than it does their policy towards national security. Here are a few key elements of the Democrat plan, called Real Security, towards the War on Terror:

Eliminate Osama Bin Laden, destroy terrorist networks like al Qaeda, finish the job in Afghanistan and end the threat posed by the Taliban.

This is the very much follows the meme that we devoted the bulk of our forces to Iraq instead of focusing on capturing Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. This was usually followed by Kerry's own vow to go after Bin Laden. What the Democrats don't seem to be understanding is that, in the minds of most Americans, eliminating Osama Bin Laden is not the end. Even the Dalai Lama recognizes that. Of course, we also know what the Democrats mean by "destroy terrorist networks" because they explain how they're going to do that in the third bullet-point: combating the economic, social, and political conditions that allow extremism to thrive...

Here we are, back to the "root causes of terrorism" and poverty being one of them. This is so pathetically simple-minded that it is hard to continue, but when I said the Democrats were resurrecting the Kerry campaign platform, I meant they were resurrecting the entire losing policy.

Double the size of our Special Forces, increase our human intelligence capabilities, and ensure our intelligence is free from political pressure.

This is the one Kerry campaign promise that really got under my skin. What is says is the only reason we don't have more people in Special Forces is that a President hasn't declared that there should be more people in Special Forces. After all, any Democrat knows that Special Forces people are a dime-a-dozen, nothing at all exceptional or special about their physical and mental characterstics. No, what makes Special Forces people "special" is the honorary title of Special Forces granted to them by them beloved and benevolent government. It couldn't possibly be that it's the special people making the Special Forces special. Let's move on before I really get going.

Secure by 2010 loose nuclear materials that terrorists could use to build nuclear weapons or “dirty bombs.”

In other words, they're going to continue the Materials Control Protection and Accounting program started by this Bush Administration, which is just a Department of Energy version of the agreement signed by the first Bush Administration through the Department of Defense. So, this is like Republicans running a campaign that promises a Christmas holiday on December 25. Finally, we get to the last bullet point of the Democrat plan:

Redouble efforts to stop nuclear weapons development in Iran and North Korea.

What effort will be redoubled? Would that be shipping free food to the cronies and sub-servient factions of the communist regime or building the free light-water nuclear reactors for the militant communist regime? I think they really need to be more specific on this one.

Well, the Democrats sure are in the resurrection spirit this Easter season. They've got Kerry's dead campaign policies and Dean has promised to resurrect the Terry Schiavo for the 2006 and 2008 elections. We'll see how all that works out for them.

The most interesting part of this Real Security plan is what it says about the Democrats. They seem to truly believe they lost in 2004 becuase Bush cheated in Ohio, or was it Diebold, or was it disenfranchisement... maybe it was voter intimidation. Heck, it couldn't possibly be that the American people rejected Kerry's national security plan.


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