Friday, April 28, 2006

That Riehlly Hurt

An Instapundit post tipped me to Riehl World View. It's a good blog and has been added to the blog roll here at Vagabondia.

If there was even a shred of credibility left in the Pulitzer Prize winning secret prisons story from the Washington Post, Riehl shreds it thoroughly and completely.

In 2002 the WaPo called the International detention (prison) story vital - in 2005 they quote another official calling it a burden. In 2002 they informed people that Clinton initiated the practice of extraordinary rendition. In 2005, they made it look like a creation of George Bush.

What changed? And what did Dana Priest know and when did she know it? Evidently, not a terribly great deal changed from 2002 to 2005, given that many details of the program the WaPo broke in 2005 were actually published through a group reported piece in the WaPo in 2002.

Reihl found a nearly identical story printed in the Washington Post in 2002, only it didn't win any prizes in 2002 (probably not enough Bush bashing). However, I now remember the 2002 because it did generate some wonderful press events for Human Rights Watch who issued letters or protest to President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair. Riehl has some great blog entries in addition to this one, take your time on his site.


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