Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Too Many Beers

I was reading a Tom Maguire post on the continuing saga of Mary McCarthy and the national security leaks. By the way, Tom Maguire seems to be the clear-but expert on all things that leak in Washington D.C. Anyway, something struck me as I was reading; there's that name Rand Beers again in the New York Times article referenced in Maguire's piece:

"That's not the Mary McCarthy that I know," said Rand Beers, a former colleague of Ms. McCarthy's on the National Security Council who has spoken to her several times since her firing.

"I'm glad she was prepared to push back," Mr. Beers said. "I was concerned that we were only hearing one side of the story."

So, in order to allay fears that McCarthy might be a partisan mole who supports the Party first and the people somewhere after that, we are given Rand Beers. Maguire points out that as recently as Saturday, the Times described Rand Beers as "an adviser to Mr. Kerry's campaign in 2004". Like their reporting on the true measure of McCarthy's campaign contributions to the Democrat Party in 2004, they fall a little short in their biography of Mr. Beers.

Rand Beers quit his office job in the Bush Administration and signed on to John Kerry's campaign as his National Security Advisor. Paul C. Light, a scholar with the Brookings Institution had this to say about Rand Beers:

"He's not just declaring that he's a Democrat. He's declaring that he's a Kerry Democrat."

Of course, this was a perfect selection for the Kerry campaign at the time. Beers was a general in the War on Drugs serving as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs for most of 1998, appointed by President Clinton. So, who can blame Kerry, having once proposed using military bases slated for closing as detention centers for first-time drug offenders, for wanting a War on Drugs veteran on his cabinet? However, this hardly leaves Beers in a position to be an objective non-partisan source of a news story.


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