Monday, May 08, 2006

Cue Up Some More U.S. Prisoner Abuse Questions

UPDATE: Just in Time! BBC: US 'acts to end prisoner abuse' 08 MAY 2006

The only United Nations organization more grotesque than the Iraqi Oil-For-Food program, is the Sex-For-Food program running in Africa. It might be time for Secretary General Kofi Annan to cue up another day of rehashing Abu Ghraib abuses by U.S. forces because the sexual abuses perpetrated by UN organizations and within the UN itself are spinning out of control.

Soldiers from the UN peacekeeping force, aid workers, and teachers are among those who demand sex from girls some as young as eight.

After this was first exposed in camps for internally displaced people four years ago, even before the war ended, the international community put in safeguards that should have stopped it happening again. But the research found that, "sex in exchange for goods, services and as a means of survival was becoming a more common option for children to support themselves and their families".

The most visible signs of abuse are close to garrisons of UN peacekeeping soldiers. In one village a 17-year-old girl said that most of her teenage friends were having sex with Ghanaian soldiers from the nearby base. Like many of them she has a baby fathered by a Ghanaian soldier.

So, a child sex-for-food program on a continent where AIDS is most prevelent is reported to the United Nations four years ago, and yet it continues. Well, at least the performance of the United Nations' when tackling problems is consistent if nothing else. Not to worry, I fully expect yet another secret U.S. gulag to come under investigation in the next day or two, but that won't make this little problem go away.


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