Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day Without Immigrants? Let's Make It a Week!

UPDATE: Well, I meet the Indigent Girlfriend at Souplantation on Clairemont Mesa Blvd for dinner and... CLOSED! And this wasn't closed as in "closed early", this was closed as in totally dark and not open at all today kind of closed. The Indigent Girlfriend was absolutely livid about that, but I was overjoyed. You see, when we have the usual "so where do you want to go for dinner" discussions, I always pick Black Angus (great Long Island Iced Teas) or Trophys (best two-glass margarita in town). She always picks Souplantation, which has neither long island iced teas nor margaritas, and that's usually where we end up going. I would say we end up eating at Souplantation two to four times a month (yes, we out too much). Well, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Garden Fresh Restaraunt Corporation and The Souplantation because I know we will never be eating at a Souplantation again!

UPDATE 2: Just to cover my bases and make sure the Indigent Girlfriend could not later come back and say, "maybe they were closed because of broken plumbing" or something like that, I called them this morning. The person who answered the phone told me "yes" they were open today and that they were closed yesterday because they did not have enough people to staff the building.

May Day? Yeah, they made my day. No traffic. No more salad for dinner. I could almost see the appeal of these communist holidays.

I have not run into any side-effects of the May Day boycott (see update), other than the ground crew for the home-owners' association not being on the job today. I don't usually attend the meetings, but prehaps I will recommend the association check out Hire Patriots to find employees that don't miss work to participate in Communist holiday celebrations. Outside of that, all businesses I frequent, here in San Diego, appear to be open and fully operational.

The most noticeable effect of the boycott was traffic... and what a BEEE-YOOO-TIFUL effect it was! Clear sailing into work from Tierrasanta to Miramar, at around 8:00 AM this morning. It was clear again on north and south bound lanes of I15 between Miramar, up to Rancho Bernardo, and back to Tierrasanta. I made that round-trip circuit in about 45 minutes. It usually takes well over an hour. I didn't even sniff a slow-down in traffic all day, in over 80 miles of freeway driving.

So, this is all coming from someone (me) who has very much supported President Bush's guest-worker program and been critical of Senate bills, such as the REAL ID Act, to crackdown on immigration in general. I think we need more immigrants and a much more liberal immigration policy than exists now. Having said that, the recent marches and activism of the immigrant community has me rethinking those positions.


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Those salad-serving BASTARDS!

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