Friday, May 05, 2006

The Dear Professor

Scott Bruce over at North Korea Zone examines a solution proposed by Republican Congressional candidate Tony Zirkle... and file it under humor.

"On Thursday, Zirkle suggested the unification of North and South Korea and giving North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il 60 days in which to abdicate or face the threat of a unified invasion by the United States and China.

To get the North Korean leader to agree to abdication, Zirkle suggested tempting him with international amnesty for his crimes -- and the offer of a professorship at either Beijing University or Yale University."

Mr. Bruce has some concerns about what subject the "Dear Leader" might teach. Perhaps Yale might start a new vocational course for aspiring Elvis impersonators? My favorite is one of the commentors suggesting the Dear Professor might be better suited for a professorship on UC Berkeley or Santa Cruz. Those universities need more moderate voices after all. LOL!


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