Thursday, May 04, 2006

Freedom Through Oppression

Yesterday, the cross at the Mount Soledad War Memorial was ordered removed by a federal judge. The City of San Diego has 90 days to remove or destroy the cross or face a $5,000 fine each day they do not comply with the Judge's order.

The cross was erected at the site in 1954 with the approval of the democratically elected San Diego City Council. It has twice been re-approved by public referendum (Proposition F 1992, Proposition A 2005) with over 75 percent of the vote in each case.

Mount Soledad War Memorial

U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson Jr. is 77 years old and was appointed to his current position by President Nixon in 1970. He is citing the California State Constition to subvert the democratic process and deny residents of San Diego their Constitutionally protected freedoms.

This is the exact same issue that killed Democrats in race after race across the nation in 2004. It wasn't values per se, it's about an out-of-balance authoritarian judiciary. The gay marriage issue was just one example. I don't oppose gay marriage, but the state legislatures have been determining the conditions under which they will license a marriage for centuries. I will remain neither silent nor idle when glorified ambulance chasers in black robes decides to usurp that authority for themselves.

Lt. Smash has more on the issue: The Desecration of a Veterans' Memorial

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