Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Introducing Expose the Left

My favorite news and analysis show on TV is Special Report with Britt Hume on FOX News Channel. Just after the bottom of the hour, Britt Hume has a short feature called the Political Grapevine with two or three little snippets of interesting or funny information.

Well, there is a site called Expose the Left that features video clips of the days events, usually making the folks on in reactionary left look bad. Of course, a video clip is all it would take to do that. Expose the Left is like my daily web-dose of the political grapevine and it is a very well put together site. They offer most video clips in both Windows Media and MP4 (Apple?) format.

The great entry today was John Bolton doing some sparring before a Congressional Subcommittee:

US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton testified before the House subcommittee on international relations today and got in a little argument with Rep. Dennis Kucinich. Rep. Kucinich asked John Bolton about Sy Hersh’s “New Yorker” article on (ed- US troops in) Iran, to which Bolton said he didn’t see it because he doesn’t have time to read “fiction”

That is exactly why I supported John Bolton during his nomination. I hope that's gin in his glass because the man deserves it! Check out the video at Expose the Left and keep going down the list. They have a lot of good entries up right now.


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