Saturday, May 06, 2006

Madonna is the New Marie Osmond?

I've been using the MSN service to buy music for my Creative Labs Zen Vision M and other personal use. Well, tonight, it was the Indigent Daughter's turn to select some songs for purchase, with her own money, of course.

Her first selection was Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. Now, I like Gwen Stefani because I like what she has done with No Doubt and I hear her all the time on the radio. There is just one problem. Gwen Stefani's entire Love Angel Music Baby album contains explicit language.

This is important to me because my daughter is only 9 and is not permitted to use bad language. Since she will be punished for using bad language, I don't use bad language around her and don't tolerate it being used around her. It would kinda be like entrapment or something, in my opinion. Along those same lines, getting her an album stuffed full of explicit lyrics would also be a setup... no, not punishing her for 'slipping' is not an option, but I would rather not have to punish her at all. So, I don't want to put her into a situation where she's going to be singing out, or along, and use bad language unintentionally where I can hear it.

The next choice she made was Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Green Day is talented enough, but all their albums sound the same to me. However, this song also had explicit language. The Indigent Daughter indicated the song contained the 'F' word, so I declined and decided to look for alternatives.

I go back to Hollaback Girl and see that it has been covered on a parent-friendly album called Girl Authority. We sat together listening to the sample tracks, and I have to tell you; they were pretty bad. Despite this, the Indigent Daughter expressed some interest in Material Girl, so I just went to Madonna's version and ended up purchasing that one for 99 cents. Something struck me as odd while looking through the song catalog for Madonna, relatively few of them had that Explicit label indicating bad language. We sampled Vogue, Lucky Star, Like a Prayer, and a few others. I was so happy to finally have a list of songs for which I didn't have to continually reference the lyrics to judge how gratuitous was the use of bad language.

Unfortunately, the Indigent Daughter didn't care for any other Madonna songs, probably because she did not recognize them. Here is the list we ended up purchasing and burning to CD:

Material Girl - Madonna
We Got the Beat - Go Gos
Head Over Heels - Go Gos
Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera
Come On Over Baby - Christina Aguilera
What a Girl Wants - Christina Aguilera
Get the Party Started - P!nk
My Prerogative - Britney Spears
Whenever, Whenever - Shakira

I have to admit that it was a very terrifying experience, but we got through it and the Indigent Daughter was quite happy with the outcome. I just can't believe we're at a place where I might chide someone for bringing a Gwen Stefani CD to a family party and instead recommend a nice, safe Madonna album.


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